Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 12 Picks and Links

Here are some holiday links with our picks at the bottom. Enjoy

If anyone missed the Chris Henry story on CBS, it's awesome. Brought James Brown to tears on the live broadcast.

McDaniels coached where before he got his current job? O, that's right...

Someone created this mix of Jordan and Lebron. It's awesome

Jeter can't be serious with this. Here's another take.

Funny tweet of the week

Who wins, Vince or Fisher?

An insider article on Michael Vick being the beneficiary of a lot of luck so far. Don't agree with some of the points, but the huge bad decision % is pretty interesting

Exactly how did this city get the 2016 Olympics? Outrageous

Hopefully Randall Cobb can carry UK to victory today. End the streak!

Josh Selby takes almost $5,000 from Camelo's business manager and only get suspended 9 games. Enes Kanter takes money (a scholarship) to pay for his education and gets ruled PERMANENTLY ineligible. Even better, Selby (Or basically Kansas) can pay the money back from his scholarship. Kanter can't pay his back, though. Make sense?

ESPN's scoreboard showed Washington blowing out UK in the Maui semifinals. The problem? The game hadn't been played yet.

Bruce Pearl is just like Jesus....Or so his wife believes.

Daugherty - NE -6.5 over DET
Karwatt - Detroit + 6.5 over NE

Daugherty - NO -3.5 over Dallas
Karwatt - NO -3.5 over Dallas

Daugherty - Jets -9.5 over Cincy
Karwatt - Cincy+9.5 over jets

Daugherty - Wash +3
Karwatt - Wash +3

Daugherty - Pitt -7
Karwatt - Buffalo+7

Daugherty - Tenn +7
Karwatt - Hou-7

Daugherty - Car +10.5
Karwatt - Car +10.5

Daugherty - Bal -8.5
Karwatt - TB +8.5

Daugherty - NYG -8 
Karwatt - NYG -8

Daugherty - Philly -3.5
Karwatt - Philly -3.5

Daugherty - ATL -2
Karwatt - GB +2

Daugherty - OAK -3
Karwatt - Mia +3

Daugherty - SEA +2
Karwatt - KC -2

Daugherty - STL +3.5 
Karwatt - STL +3.5

Daugherty - Indy -3
Karwatt - SD +3

Daugherty - SF -1.5
Karwatt - SF -1.5


  1. Nice hedge on the last pick John. Way to cover your losses. Real risk taker, eh?

  2. I'll remember this as the day when the law giant of the southeast graced us with a blog comment