Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mini-Reactions and a Bunch of Links

As you may have noticed, the blog is slowing down a bit. As final exams approach, time comes at a premium. I'll still be posting as much material as I can, so make sure you stick with us

Big hitting 6 year olds lay the wood in this video.
This is what $100 million gets you.

And the saga of Vince Young continues. He's a joke.

I'm not certain if this is 100% accurate, but most of it seems to be. Still a good read on what Peyton Manning's responsibilities are as he walks up to the line.

The Cam Newton story keeps getting stranger. Now the FBI has joined the investigation, and it's unclear what they are actually looking for. As this tweet  and this tweet both suggest, there may be MUCH more to the story when all is said and done.

UPDATE: An interesting look into the inner-workings of the Auburn athletics budget and who oversees it. This has the potential to be epic.

Some funny Vick stuff below
Dockett's tweet.
DeSean Jackson with some classic word choice.

Just when you thought soccer was never making another appearance on the blog, I offer you this video.

As you may have noticed, I have been ripping Pierre Garcon's play at WR for some time now. Just to prove that I'm not just bitter, here's an article detailing how Garcon may be having the worst season of any Colts WR since 1999

As many of you may have heard, Colin Cowherd used his radio show to go on the war path against John Wall last week (This shows just how wrong he was). He first accused him of being a selfish player because he danced in a pre-game introduction. Then he took the first six games of a 19 year old's NBA career (one of which was a triple double no less) to write him off as a turnover machine. Lastly, Cowherd made the statement that the first thing he asks when looking at an NBA PG is "Who's your Dad?" Apparently, Wall's future as a PG is dimmer because his father died when Wall was nine years old. Nothing classier than bringing deceased family into the analysis of a basketball player's abilities.

Anyways, the explanation for this week-long rant may have emerged when Cowherd signed on to be in a CBS sitcom. I hope it was worth it Colin.

Lastly, can we please get a moratorium on Vick for MVP talk until he has A: Played a decent defense and B: Played more than four full games. So far he has faced the Lions, Redskins, Jaguars, and a Colts defense that was missing 6 starters. MOST good QBs, with healthy weapons all around them, light it up against those terrible defenses. Let's let him prove that he can stay healthy and succeed against good defenses before we crown him.

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