Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cam Newton Updates

Since this has begun to take off, I figured that I would just make a post dedicated to updating the stories that keep coming out about the FBI's involvement in the investigation.

UPDATE 7: LSU Message Board has a HUGE post detailing information of all aspects of this story. Showcases how this could go WAAAAAY beyond Cam's eligibility.

UPDATE 6: A very good summation of what we know so far has been posted over at The Big Lead. Check it out.

Aside from what has been mentioned in previous updates, here are a couple of good points made in the article:

This sums up my biggest question regarding Cam ending up at Auburn
Mississippi State refused Cecil Newton’s offer. Cam Newton broke off his pact with Dan Mullen at Mississippi State in mid-December, made a quickie visit to Auburn and committed, at Cecil Newton’s behest, on Dec. 31, 2009. Allegedly, he apologized to a Mississippi State recruiter, stating he chose Auburn because the money was “too much.”
Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate. Unless Cam was simply was gobsmacked by Gene Chizik’s charisma, the simplest explanation for that series of events is someone at Auburn was willing to put a smile on Cecil Newton’s face. A recent TMZ report suggests that’s where the authorities are moving.
Another interesting statement about the recruiting success
We will learn all about how recruiting specialist Trooper Taylor landed a Top 5 recruiting class in 2010, a year after Auburn barely cracked the recruiting Top 25 and went 7-5, losing five of their last six in the SEC in 2009."

UPDATE 5: NCAA also states that it will expedite the Newton case since he is in the middle of his season. One would hope the ruling comes down before the BCS championship is announced.

UPDATE 4: Text messages and voice mails have been/are going to be shared with the NCAA. The texts reportedly outline a payment plan that Cecil Newton required in order to get Cam to sign a letter of intent

UPDATE 3: Possible problems for Auburn.
Considering one of the school's mega-boosters has already been indicted for bribery, and Auburn's Private Athletics Fund has contributed somewhere around $1 million to one of the lobbyist firms that is under investigation, the FBI investigation is likely to accomplish what the NCAA may not have been able to accomplish. Since the Athletics fund is private, they do not have to disclose financial records, but an FBI investigation will obviously involve those records. If the FBI investigation leads to the fund's records, they will not be private long, and when they are brought out, Auburn's dirty laundry will all come out with them.....Including any dealings with Cam.

UPDATE 2: The FBI's investigation that led to multiple bribery indictments in the Alabama State Congress along with several lobbyists for the gambling industry has been connected to the Cam Newton investigation.


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