Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Links of The Week

Why batting average isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Wheel of Fortune Craziness.

This is why you should follow the fake celebrity accounts on Twitter.

T.O. continues his dominance and adds a classic dance.

Maybe Rex Ryan really has walked over tougher guys than Channing Crowder going to a fight.

This insanity is what results from a website trying to fan the flames to get more hits. We would never do such a thing.

Gregg Doyel with a fantastic piece on Cam Newton.

Always fun to laugh at Tennessee, so I better get it out of the way before UK loses to ETSU Friday.

An NBA player shows his knowledge of the length of games.

Finally, baseball fans can look forward to having an enlightening (hopefully) Sunday Night Baseball booth again.

Fake Jamarcus has his priorities in order.

One of the best commercials of the year. Picking up my copy of Black Ops today.

Brace yourself for a post blasting the Yankees if the Jeter contract negotiations end up like sources are saying.

Keith Law's Top 50 MLB Free Agents. Must have ESPN Insider.

Take a look at this stats page. Amazing

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