Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The irony of twitter and some Dolphins notes

Jason Allen of the Dolphins was cut today. I noticed his tweets today. This is kind of funny and sad at the same time.

Here is his first tweet this morning

jasonallen32 Jason Allen
Good morning to all! The type of day you'll have is your choice, so you choose what type of day you'll have. I'm going to have a great one!!

and his last tweet..
jasonallen32 Jason Allen
I just want to thank all of the loyal #dolphin fans for their support towards me during my yrs here. You'll are the best!!

Kind of ironic.

On a side note with the addition of Al Harris the Dolphins should not have cut Allen, he is one of the few dbs that can catch. They have one of the worst front offices in the NFL.

Jason Allen- 16th overall pick
Jon Beck- second round pick
Pat White- Second round pick
Ted Ginn- Top ten pick in the first round

If you draft horrible players you will never be good....

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