Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 Picks

This is a vacation shortened picks post. Sorry everyone. As compensation, I offer you this.

Pittsburgh vs. Oakland

Daugherty - OAK +7.5
Karwatt Oak+7.5
Pittsburg looks to be going toward another disastrous end of the year.  Oakland is getting better every week

Houston vs. New York Jets

Daugherty - Jets -7
Karwatt - Houston +7
The Jets havent won by 7 in a while.  At some point they have to stop getting lucky

Baltimore vs. Carolina

Daugherty - Baltimore -10
Karwatt - Baltimore -10
Carolina's qb enough said

Washington vs. Tennessee

Daugherty - Tennessee -7
Karwatt - Wash +7
Washington should bounce back.  Vince Young's immaturity will hurt the team eventually

Dallas vs. Detroit

Daugherty - Dallas -6.5
Karwatt - Dallas-6.5 
Dallas will win now that it doesn't matter and they are all done

Minnesota vs. Green Bay

Daugherty - Minn +2.5
Karwatt - Green Bay -2.5  
Brett Favre no longer gives Minnesota the best chance to win.  Why that organization puts up with his tired drama queen BS, I have no idea. It is one thing if he is good, but 21 turnovers isn't very good in a season, let alone a half of a season.

Cincinnati vs. Buffalo

Daugherty - Cincinnati -5.5
Karwatt - Cincy - 5.5 
Buffalo got their one win last week, no need to play anymore they have Andrew Luck in their sights.

Cleveland vs. Jacksonville

Daugherty - Cleveland +2
Karwatt - Cleveland + 2
No hail marys this week....

Kansas City vs. Arizona
Daugherty - KC -7
Karwatt - KC-7
Kansas City should bounce back nicely this week.  Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry and co should get their hands on a few balls from Derek Anderson.

New Orleans vs. Seattle

Daugherty - Seattle +11.5
Karwatt - NO- 11.5
NO looks like they may be getting it together, in an attampt to run down the Facons. Seattle looks like they want to run down the Bills in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Atlanta vs. St. Louis

Daugherty - ATL -3
Karwatt - Atl-3
RODDY WHITE....Here is your chance Atlanta to play a good game outside of the dome.

Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco

Daugherty - TB +3
Karwatt - TB+3
The BUCS should win this one straight up.  Im a believer in the BUCS like JC.  Coach Ra has them buying in.

New England vs. Indianapolis

Daugherty - Indy +3
Karwatt - NE-3
Too many injuries to overcome.  NE will throw short passes all game not allowing freeney and mathis to be a factor.  Brady will be getting the ball out quick to wide open receivers, then the media will be on his jock all week again.

Philadelphia vs. New York Giants

Daugherty - NYG +2.5 
Karwatt - Philly-2.5
MV as in Mike Vick playin like MVP.

Denver vs. San Diego

Daugherty - Denver +10
Karwatt - Denver +10
San diego is too bad to blow anyone out.  However, my MVP Phil Rivers will light it up like always. 

Daugherty - Baltimore -10
Karwatt - Nothing

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