Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 10 Picks

Record to date
Last Week - 9-3-1

Overall - 20-17-1
Last Week - 9-3-1

Overall - 29-7-3

Colts vs. Bengals

Daugherty - Colts -7
The Bungles may play their division rivals close, but playing the Colts in Indy is a whole new ballgame. The defense is faster, and the pass rush is infinitely more vicious on the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium. Let's hope Reggie shows up and actually cares.

BTW, it's an outrage that T.O. was voted the most overrated player in the NFL. He's killing it. Plus, Chad is probably the most overrated.

Karwatt - Cincy +7
Peyton is missing too many weapons.  Collie is still napping, Tamme is good, but he isnt Dallas Clark.  Cincinatti showed some signs of offense last week.  I like a close one here Cincy covers.

Dolphins vs Tennessee

Daugherty - Titans +1
A team that has continued to disappoint and now has a new QB starting? No thanks. It'll be interesting to see how much room gets cleared out for Chris Johnson with the acquisition of Randy Moss

Karwatt - Dolphins -1
I still know the Dolphins have the talent and the right guys to be good.  If the offensive coordinator (Dan Henning) gets out of the stone age they should win.  Look for them to establish the run.  Last week Ronnie Brown had 6 carries for 43 yards on the first drive which resulted in him scoring a ten yard TD. He had 3 more carries the rest of the game.  At some point Miami will decide to take shots deep to marshall, and it starts this week in a must win game.

Vikings vs. Bears

Daugherty - Vikings +3
The Bears are so bad, and yet, they are 5-3. What a joke. Rest assured, it will be 5-4 after this week. In other news, Brett Favre isn't coming back next year. Anyone believe that's the end of the story?

Karwatt - Vikings +3  
AP all day. Cutler throwing red zone picks and getting sacked all day. The Vikes feeding AP and percy

Bills vs. Lions

Daugherty - Lions +2.5
I think Buffalo is due to get blown out. Too many heartbreaking losses. Combine that with the fact that the Bills seem to be being a bit overvalued, and this line is pretty nice for the Lions. Even without Stafford, the Lions have a revamped defense that can be vicious.

Karwatt - Bills - 2.5
If Stafford was'nt hurt i would take Detroit.  No Chan Galey does not sponsor this blog (Kenny).  At some point Buffalo gets a win, it is this week. I like Fitzpatrick a lot.

Browns vs. Jets

Daugherty - Browns +3
At what point do the Browns start getting respect? Colt McCoy outplayed Tom Brady last week, and he is really taking over as the leader of that offense. Make sure you go here and click the link about Braylon Edwards to see what kind of hatred Cleveland has waiting for him.

Karwatt - Browns +3  You could make a living betting against the Jets the last few weeks.  They are an above average team that the media loves.  They needed a missed xp by Suh to go to ot against Detroit.  Cleveland and Peyton Hillis pummelled the Brady bunch.  I know the Jets D is a lot better against the run than the Pats.  But, I also know Mark Sanchez is a fumble factory they just usually recover them.  Brownies D should give Sanchez fits.  Browns pull out another W.

Bucs vs. Panthers 

Daugherty - Bucs -6.5
The Bucs have become a favorite of mine over the last few weeks. I can't point to exactly how they do it, but they just keep fighting. Carolina on the other hand, is terrible. No DeAngelo Williams and the key to their running game, Otah, was placed on Injured Reserve. This could get ugly.

Karwatt - Bucs -6.5 
TB has Josh Freeman, Carolina has a collection of young bad QBs.  This should be a blow out.  Go Bucs shout out to JCD

Chiefs vs. Broncos 

Daugherty - Chiefs +1
Chiefs have looked a little off in recent weeks, but Denver has looked horrendous. The Broncos really play well at home as evidenced by Oakland curb stomping them a couple of weeks ago. 

Karwatt - Chiefs +1 
Vegas puts too much stock in home field advantage.  I have no idea how Denver is a favorite against anyone.

Rams vs. 49ers

Daugherty - Rams +6
Once again, Troy Smith is starting for a team that has been miserable throughout the year. The Rams have at least been decent.

Karwatt - Rams +6
St Louis + 6 at San Fran   Contrary to popular beilef San Fran sucks.  They have talent we all know that.  But Bradford looks like a star in the making, Steven Jackson is a beast.  

Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Daugherty - Seahawks +3
Seattle is generally much better at home, but they will be much healthier in this game than they were last week. Arizona has more return TDs than it does passing TDs. That's just not a recipe for success.

Karwatt - Arizona-3 over Seattle  This is a tough one.  Both teams are really hard to read.  Im counting on  LS Howling score on special teams to be the difference

Giants vs. Cowboys 

Daugherty - Giants -14
I can't believe I am picking the Giants to win by more than 14. That's the story of the Cowboys season so far. We'll see if it plummets even lower.

Karwatt - Giants -14
If anyone can get 14 points and not cover it is Dallas.  Wade Phillips is gone, good now they have some strong leadership, discipline, accountability......Wait no they don't they hired Jason Garret.  The GGGGGGG mmeeeennnnnnn will smash Kitna all day, another embarrassment for Jerry Jones

Steelers vs. Patriots

Daugherty - Pitt-4.5
The Steelers have come back to Earth, but the Patriots have followed right behind them. The Pats offense looks terrible if they can't run the ball, and when they go on the road it can get ugly. Guess what the Steelers are sure to stop? The running game.

Karwatt - Pitt -4.5
Did anyone notice how the Browns punked the Faketriots by running the ball down their throat??? Enter Mendenhall.  Look for big plays off play action from Rapelisberger to Mike Wallace.  James harrison might just give Welker a nap also.

Eagles vs. Redskins

Daugherty - Eagles -3
Who knew that Andy Reid was a genius for sending the third best QB on his roster to Washington? McNabb apparently thinks it's funny that people think he doesn't know the playbook. Meanwhile, we are all laughing at him for consistently butchering the two-minute drill. Who gets the last laugh?

Karwatt - Eagles -3
D mac isnt in shape----Im kidding that doesn't matter.  Mcnab just isnt very good.  Andy Reid knew what he was doing trading him in the division.  Vick looked like superman again last week.  Philly should be a 7 point favorite here not 3.  Btw has everyone seen the Andy Reid punt, pass and kick video.  HAHAHHAHA greatest thing I have seen in a while.  The dude was a monster at 13 years old.

Locke of the Week
Daugherty - Eagles -3
Karwatt - Eagles -3

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