Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The NFL Continues Its Inconsistency

The NFL may fine you for a hit, but that
won't stop them from making money off of it.
The NFL fined Brandon Merriweather, Dunta Robinson, and James Harrison for their vicious hits today. Merriweather and Robinson were fined $50,000 while James Harrison was fined $75,000.

After a couple days of tough talk about suspensions for helmet-to-helmet hits, the NFL backed down and only issued fines. Not only did they back down from the suspension threats, but they also got the fines completely wrong. Merriweather's hit was an OBVIOUS cheap shot that caused me to immediately post on Facebook calling for his suspension. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb1CmHk9GK0 After watching the video, I dare anyone to make the claim that Merriweather wasn't purposefully trying to knock Heap out. It is painfully obvious. However, the official reviewing the hits didn't even think this was enough of a hit to warrant the highest fine of the week, much less a suspension.

While James Harrison's hit was violent, how does it even compare to Merriweather's obvious headhunting? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJvKt1vF4GM Massaquoi looks to me like he ducked at the last second causing Harrison to go higher than intended. Obviously, it's debatable, but the fact that it's debatable should at least bring with it a smaller fine than Merriweather received. Instead, he paid the highest amount at $75,000.
UPDATE: Apparently, the NFL thinks the hit was dirty and deserving of a fine, but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to sell photos of the hit online. Good show.
UPDATE II: After the outcry over the photos, the NFL has decided to pull them from the shelves. Gosh, they're so proactive.

Lastly, Dunta Robinson shouldn't have been fined. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmsAdwm7LHQ&feature=related Nor should it even have been a flag. Just because Robinson (A graduate of Clarke Central High School) laid the wood on Jackson does not make it an automatic illegal hit. Slow motion replay clearly shows him leading with his shoulder and impacting the receiver in the upper chest. There is no helmet-to-helmet impact. Nonetheless, Robinson was fined $50,000 anyways. The same amount as Merriweather was fined.

This is nothing new from Roger Goodell's reign as Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the NFL. Unfortunately, inconsistent punishment has become the rule not the exception. Drive drunk and kill someone? You'll be suspended a few games. Smoke weed a couple times, though, and you might end up suspended indefinitely.


  1. I Agree Completely.

    I will say that Harrison received the larger fine because of two separate violent hits during the game.

    Merriweather's hit was undoubtedly deserving of a multiple game suspension. Just brutal

  2. The NFL stated that they did not take any action with regard to the Cribbs hit. That's what's so crazy. They only took the one hit into account when deciding on Harrison's. I do think he got hit hard because he was fined at some point in his past, but that's still no excuse for Merriweather not being the highest fine

  3. Dunta Robinson's hit was so dirty yet clean. I agree with your fine reassessment rationale BUT let me digress. I love the big hits no matter how grungy or legit. The problem lies in taking care of these big hitters or hit receievers after their careers are over. If NFL retirement-pention wasn't so horendous with its healthcare benefits, maybe they could take care of all these concussion patients in their later years and Ditka wouldn't have anything else to speak about. Da Bears....

  4. haha JC,
    the bottom line is the NFL does'nt really care about players. They want that bread which is mainly from tv contracts, merchandise etc. On the otehr hand, I dont feel bad for the players is is a priviledge to play in the NFL. For the league minimum, I would be willing to go out there and let james Harrison rack my brain once a week.

  5. On a saide not I would like to point out that Dunta went to Clark County High school in Athens Ga.....Guess who else went there???? John Doeman

  6. So obviously that discredits Dunta. That is what you were getting at, yes?


  7. Haha, actually that proves that Dunta is a true pimp and is a physical force. Just like another famous Clarke Central grad (No, not Fran Tarkenton).

    Yea, there was a huge outcry last night about it. Glad they're pulling them off the shelves