Friday, October 22, 2010

Has Urb Lost His Magic??

There was a time when Urban Meyer and company were on top of the world. Now look where they are. Losing to Missippi state and losing three games in a row is a far cry from winning two national championships in three years. The age old question that emerges during a bad stretch….How much of this falls on Urban Meyer?

I contend that Florida is more talented than anybody they will play this year with the exception of Alabama. So why are they so bad? I, myself, thought as long as Meyer was there Florida was a legit championship contender every year. Urban's physical health has been in question. We all know about his quick retirement and return at the end of last season. Does this have something to do with his lack of in game coaching this year.

Let me give you an example. Winning by three late in the LSU game, LSU lined up for a 50 plus yard field goal. I was sitting on my couch with my Dad, brew in hand. I turn to my Dad and said this is obviously going to be a fake. First thing that popped in my head was this.....

Now if I knew this was coming how did Urban fail to mention to his field goal block team, "Hey guys they may fake this, and they like the fake where the holder flips it over his head to the kicker." Or even put a safe block on where they play for a fake. Did anybody think Les Miles of all people was going to attempt a FG over 50 yards to tie the game as a last resort? I know I didn't.

It was easy to win with studs like Tebow, Louis Murphy, Percy, Spikes, Cooper, Harvey, and Dunlap( when he wasn't falling asleep at stop lights). I mean Wade Phillips could win with those guys. However, now that the Gators are not quite as talented, the team looks horrible. Even with the decrease in talent, they still have as much as anybody in the country.

Is Urban so inept at adapting his game plan to fit his team that he is going to run the option with Brantley and run nothing but dive plays with a small back who is the fastest man in the NCAA? I guess so because that is what he has done. The majority of the people in Gainesville are calling for offensive coordinator Steve Adazzio's head( even though he has the greatest first name ever), but Urb as the head coach, and the supposed offensive genius, deserves some if not most of blame. On the Adazzio note, having an O-Line coach as your offensive coordinator probably isn’t the best idea. I doubt he has much knowledge of coverages, and passing trees etc. Regardless, if you are Urban Meyer you don't lose 3 games in a row and lose to Mississippi State at home. Ironically, Mississippi State's head coach is Dan Mullen, Florida's former offensive coordinator. This leads me to believe Dan Mullen is the genius not Urb.

All this being said, Florida has enough playmakers on offense, and a good enough defense to start playing better. As long as Urban comes to the realization that Tebow is gone, and it’s time to run a real offense. A pro style passing attack is what they need. I believe they have the tools to do it, if Adazzio would get out of the way, and Urban gameplans around his current personnel, not the personnel he had at Utah or in the past few years at Florida.

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