Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have Your Voice Heard

This has been a very successful first week for the blog. We received about 800 hits, a thanks from a national sports writer, and most importantly, a lot of positive feedback from the readers. 

Now, it's time for even more feedback from everyone. I'd like to get this to a point where there are some weekly posts that we write. As of right now, we have a reaction to Sunday's NFL games post that goes up on Monday and a NFL picks post that goes up on Thursday as our only weekly material. I'm currently planning to have a weekly "Links" article where we put up links to the big stories and articles circulating through the sports world, but that still leaves room for some other material.

Please use the comments section to suggest anything you would like to see or any other ideas you may have. If you don't have anything, just enjoy this magazine cover I found. 


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  1. I need a NCAABB preview.
    watch out for Boehiem and company this year.

  2. Better hope the NCAA doesn't Free Enes