Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 15 Picks

I want to apologize to everyone for the poor quality of this post. I've had some stuff come up that kept me from being able to do anything more than a last second attempt to scrape together picks. Karwatt did all the heavy lifting here, and my picks are the ones above his actual analysis. This will be the last poor quality post I put up on the blog, I guarantee it. 

KC +1
KC+1 over ST Louis  Kansas City's Defense will be too much for the young and talented Bradford.  KC in a close one

Hou +1.5
Hou+1.5 over Tennessee  The only way this is close is if Houston realizes their season is over after that tough loss last week.  They should still put up a lot of points and beat Tennessee.  Tenn isn't exactly clicking on all cylinders.

Indy -5
Indy-5 over Jax    Do or die time for the Colts.  They are slowly getting healthier, and Garrard is banged up.  I expect Jacksonville to melt down for the stretch run

Carolina -3
Arizona+3 over Carolina  I know Arizona is really bad, but how can Carolina be a favorite against anyone.  Like I say every week, easy money is betting against Carolina every week.  The worst thing the Panthers can do is accidently win  and lose out on Andrew Luck

Miami -5.5
Mia-5.5 over Buffalo  Miami's defense is one of the best defenses in the league. Cameron Wake is the defensive player of the year, and Dansby is playing great.  I don't see Buffalo scoring unless Chad Henne pulls a few Chad Hennes.  As a Dolphins fan I almost hope Henne doesn't have a good game.  Then, he will possibly fool the Dolphins into keeping him around in the future.  I have been a Chad Henne supporter for a while, but now I can say I was wrong, he is terrible.  He has the arm strength and even the accuracy. He just is not a leader, and has 0 pocket awareness. He looks like a scared little boy out there.

NYG -3
NY Giants-3 over Philly  I expect the Giants d line to contain Mike Vick and force him to stay in the pocket.  This should result in some turnovers. The Giants win and barely cover.

Dallas -7
Dallas-7 over Washington  This isnt a pick against Rex Grossman either.  If Donovan were starting I would feel just as confident about this pick.  Not that I think Dallas is that good but because Donovan and Grossman both suck.

Detroit +5.5
Detroit+5.5 over the Bucs  The Bucs have a lot of injuries.  Don't worry JCD,  I still think they will win this game, by a field goal or so. 

Baltimore +1.5
New Orleans +1.5 over Baltimore  Baltimore's once vaunted defense is average.  Despite what the guys at ESPN (mainly Tom Jackson)  the Ravens are no longer the scary defense they used to be.  See the Texans scoring at will on them last week.  I still believe Joe Flacco is a fake ass, media created, donkey but not half as bad as Sanchez.

Atl -6
Atl-6 over Seattle  Atlanta is a well oiled machine.  They are looking to lock home field advantage.  They shouldnt have any trouble this week.  I know they are a different team away from the dome, but they are playing a bad team.

Jets +6
Pitt-6 over the Jets  Maybe the so called experts and idiots like Trent Dilfer will get off the Jets now.  2 weeks ago Dilfer said the Jets were the best team in the AFC, haha.  Maybe now the media will realize that Sanchez sucks, and no matter how much they pump him up, the average football fan isnt dumb enough to believe what they say.  I have never seen a guy throw 12 td and 20 int one year, and have people pretending he is great the next.  He will be benched sometime soon.

Oakland -7
Oakland-7 over Denver  I am rather intrigued to see Timmy Tebow play.  Unfortunately I dont think he will fare too well against a decent defense in his first start, but you never know because he is Jesus.

NE -14
NE-14 over Green Bay I was pumped to watch two great qbs in the cold battle it out.  Now it is Matt Flynn and Rogers most likely out.  How bad is Matt Flynn he couldnt muster a point against the Lions last week....Uh oh looks like Brady gets to add his 5th career td pass up by 28 points in the fourth.

Chicago -6.5 
Minnesota+6.5 over Chicago.....Why not?

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