Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 14 Picks

If you read Bill Simmons' column, you'll note that his picks always go downhill when he starts having his book tours. Well, I think you can apply that to me too. Whenever exams start up, it's usually not a good sign for my picks.

Karwatt - SO I had a bad week last week.....But I wasn't the only one.  I offer you this.   I was still better than the "experts"

Oakland vs. Jacksonville
Daugherty - Jacksonville -4.5
I will be rooting for this pick to be wrong. If Jacksonville loses, they basically have to beat the Colts next week to get in the playoffs.That being said, this is one of those games. Oakland is going to the East Coast to play a 1 p.m. game, and they haven't been great on the road at all. All signs point to a Jaguars cover....Sadly.
Karwatt - Oak +4.5
This is the week Oakland shows up on the road.  I expect a close game.
Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
Daugherty - Cincy +8.5
Backdoor cover for the win. Cincinnati put up a hell of a fight last week against New Orleans. Not surprisingly, they did something incredibly stupid to blow the game. 
Karwatt - Cincy +8.5 
Cincy knows how to make games close and still lose.  Pitt knows how to sneak out close wins.  I expect it to happen again Cincy covers.

New England vs. Chicago
Daugherty - Chicago +3
How can anyone pick against New England? Well, when I combine Soldier Field's bad turf and a forecast with a low of eight degrees, wind gusts up to 60 mph, and snow, I'm going to go with the better defense. Tom Brady doesn't have Adam Vinatieri to make a ridiculous FG to win the game. Plus, it's a short week coming off a huge game.
Karwatt - NE -3
How can anyone pick against Ne right now.  That is,  unless they are due for a road let down, and that could definitely happen.  Im still picking NE.

Buffalo vs. Cleveland
Daugherty - Cleveland +1
I love this game. Cleveland has been incredibly good in recent weeks, and again, the forecast is awful for the game. I'll take the Vanilla Gorilla (Peyton Hillis) in the snow over a Buffalo team that is more of a passing attack. Karwatt may think the Browns suck, but the Bills give up around 170 rushing yards per game. The Dolphins don't. 
Karwatt - Buffalo -1
I watched the whole Cleveland game last week as they beat my lowly Dolphins.  They arent very good, Delhomme sucks, and the Vanilla Gorilla is a beast not a big play guy though.

Minnesota vs. New York Giants
Daugherty - Minnesota +3
Given all of the travel difficulties, I'm taking the Vikings. 
Karwatt - Minnesota +3
Leslie Frazier has Minnesota balling.  Hopefully Tavaris jackson plays because he gives them the best chance to win.

Green Bay vs. Detroit
Daugherty - GB -7
Since my fantasy teams are all dominating and in the playoffs, I don't really need Greg Jennings to go off. That being said, he will.
Karwatt - GB -7
Green Bay looks really good.  They have been covering and making me some money lately, and i expect them to do it again.

Atlanta vs. Carolina
Daugherty - ATL -7
Carolina sucks.
Karwatt - ATL -7
Carolina has Andrew Luck in their sights.  They are a terrible football team, and ATL should dominate.

Tampa Bay vs. Washington
Daugherty - Washington +2
Going with the cold weather trend, I'm not going to take the team that just lost its best DB and its starting center. Not to mention that they have a history of being terrible in cold weather. I think they're due for a letdown after the crushing defeat last week.
Karwatt - TB -2
The skins suck the BUCS need to bounce back, Im still on the Bucs bandwagon, and the driver (JCD) better keep it between the lines because we're losing some passengers.

St. Louis vs. New Orleans
Daugherty - STL -8
That's a lot of points to give a good team that is also built to play in domes.
Karwatt - STL -8
The Rams are playing pretty good football.  They should hang in this one.

Seattle vs. San Francisco
Daugherty - Seattle +5
San Francisco just needs to get rid of Singletary and shut it down.
Karwatt - Seattle +5
If someone with the last name of Smith starts for San Francisco, they arent very good. 

Miami vs. New York Jets
Daugherty - NYJ -5.5
Miami is a great road team, but I think the beatdown last week will wake up the Jets. They needed some humble pie, and it just might be what sparks them to play their best football.
Karwatt - Mia +5.5
I know I pick Mia every week bc im a homer, but i expect them to win this one. The Jets were exposed last week, and we saw Sanchez for the below average media creation he is.  Unfortunately, Henne is even worse......Go Dolphins

Denver vs. Arizona
Daugherty - Denver -4.5
The "don't bet against a team with a new coach" corollary is in full effect here. That and that Skelton is starting for Arizona. 
Karwatt - Denver-4.5 over I expect Denver to score some points, and I wouldnt bet on Arizona no matter who they played...Unless it was Carolina.

San Diego vs. Kansas City
Daugherty - SD -7
The only reason I'm picking SD here is that Cassel is probably going to be out. Here's an interesting read on the supposed MVP candidate Philip Rivers. 
Karwatt - SD-7 
I believe last week was a fluke for San Diego  This is a must win, and Ill take the better qb hoping they can win by more than a td...

Philadelphia vs. Dallas
Daugherty - Dallas +3.5
Asante Samuel and Winston Justice are both out. Rest assured, it's going to be a shootout. 
Karwatt - Philly -3.5 This is a tough one. Dallas has been playing well.  I expect Philly to make too many big plays and win a close one.

Houston vs. Baltimore
Daugherty - Baltimore -3
Has anyone seen Houston's defense? It's horrendous. 
Karwatt - Hou +3  
Nothing makes me more angry than media created qbs.  Enter Joe Flacco. I watch him choke time after time in big games.  Him and Sanchez have won some games because they are on good teams, but they are both average at best.

Locke of the week
Daugherty - Cleveland +1
Karwatt - Atlanta -7 

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