Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 16 Picks

Here's a quick Christmas pick slate for everyone's enjoyment, but before we get there, I'd like to present you with a few random Google searches that have led to our site (Capitalization added by me).

"How far can Tom Brady throw?"
"On NCAA 10 it will not let me pass from shotgun formation"
"Has Tom Brady ever throw a pick 6"
"Tom Brady insecure"
"Tom Bradys jacket 2010"
"Should I play Brady?"

Dallas vs. Arizona
Daugherty - Dallas -7
Why did we have to get this game on Christmas? Boooooring

Detroit vs. Miami
Daugherty - Miami -3.5
Tony Sparano stays and Chad Henne continues to start. That's my 2011 prediction/hope.

Minnesota vs. Philadelphia
Daugherty - Philly -14
Joe Webb or Patrick Ramsey? Webb was basically another RB because when he threw, the other team caught most of the balls. Plus, Michael Vick chose himself as the MVP.....Who am I to disagree?

San Francisco vs. St. Louis
Daugherty - St. Louis -2
St. Louis has been much better at home, and the 49ers can't even decide on which QB to start. They could use someone not named Smith.

Washington vs. Jacksonville
Daugherty - Washington +7
Gee, that sure looks like it's above his shoulder.
I'm hoping that Washington can take advantage of MJD's absence and make the Colts run to the playoffs easier. The Jaguars are a joke, and there is no better example than the fake fair catch signal Mike Thomas gave which allowed him to score on a punt return last weekend. In case you were wondering, here is the excerpt from the NFL rule book:
"If a player raises his hand(s) above his shoulder(s) in any other manner, it is an invalid fair-catch signal. If there is an invalid fair-catch signal, the ball is dead when caught or recovered by any player of the receiving team, but it is not a fair catch."

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay
Daugherty - TB -6.5
Tampa Bay stops mirroring its elderly fan base this week. The Seahawks are bad on the road, and have to travel across the country, thus giving the Bucs a solid chance.

New England vs. Buffalo
Daugherty - NE -7.5
Another snow game. Nuff said

N.Y. Jets vs. Chicago
Daugherty - NYJ +2
Not sure about this one, but I like the Jets a lot better on the road than at home. We'll see if Cutler can carry the Bears since the Jets are sure to shut Forte down. 

Baltimore vs. Cleveland
Daugherty - Baltimore -3.5
I've lost faith in the Browns (Slightly). Peyton Hillis shredded the Ravens last time the played, but it's hard to run on this defense twice.

Tennessee vs. Kansas City
Daugherty - Kansas City -5
KC needs this game to keep the Chargers out of the playoffs. I have to believe they get it done at home.

Indianapolis vs. Oakland
Daugherty - Indy -2.5
Another must-win game for the Colts. Oakland is tough, and Collie being out will hurt. However, Addai is finally back so I'm hoping they can continue to pound the rock (Relatively speaking). 

Houston vs. Denver
Daugherty - Denver -2.5

N.Y. Giants vs. Green Bay
Daugherty - GB -3
This determine who makes the playoffs. I'm going to go with the better defense since Aaron Rodgers is back.

San Diego vs. Cincinnati 
Daugherty - Cincy +8
The Bengals are playing well just in time to keep them from getting a top draft pick. Carson is going to pour it on to avoid battling Andrew Luck for the starting job next year.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans
Daugherty - Atlanta -2.5
Michael Turner runs wild, and the Falcons continue to dominate at home. 

Locke of the week
Daugherty - Dallas -7

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