Friday, December 3, 2010

Self-Serving and Inconsistent.....Meet the NCAA

The NCAA's ruling continues to confuse even those who have worked as an NCAA investigator. The Big Ten commissioner was formerly an investigator so obviously he knows the ins and outs of the NCAA rules and methodology. Yet, even he is miffed at the NCAA's decision to bypass a chance to nip this situation in the bud. One thing is clear, the NCAA can and does interpret its own rules however it pleases. What they did here was to allow a loophole to be created by their own action (or inaction). As is stated in this argument, it's laughable that the NCAA decided to hide behind the letter of the law (It's debatable that they even did it correctly) in this case while not bothering to take that approach in other cases. It truly comes down to this, having a cash-cow in the BCS title game caused the NCAA to make the decision to address the rules with a later amendment when they could have put a stop to it right now.

Even better, the SEC decides to take the exact opposite approach to its own bylaws as reported here. The SEC commissioner instead looks at his own personal beliefs and opinions when making the decision. Then he does an incredibly poor job of explaining it. There are self-serving motives in play all around this case to the point that the two governing bodies involved decide to take opposite approaches to hide behind. All for what? $$$$$$.

We all love a good conspiracy theory. So here's a very interesting possibility. I've heard multiple sources close to the investigation state that the NCAA hasn't finished interviewing all of the parties involved, and no mention has been made of the biggest issue so far. The phone call that Cam was reported to have made where he said that he was sorry for not coming to MSU, but "the money was just too much." Well, that article poses a very fascinating possibility.

Lastly, one issue continues to drive me crazy. Cam Newton has admitted that Cecil played a big role in the decision to go to Auburn. Cam broke off his agreement with MSU in mid-December, and it took all of two weeks before he had committed to Auburn. If Cecil is asking for 180k from MSU, and gets rebuffed, it makes no sense that he rushed Cam to commit to Auburn two weeks later for free. Does anyone outside of Auburn fans really believe that Cecil just decided to give up on his money aspirations that quickly? Add in Cecil's church magically coming up with enough funds to renovate it and save it from being condemned after Cam's commitment, and it just seems impossible that all of these things happened by coincidence.

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