Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 17 Picks

At long last, we have come to the end of the NFL regular season. I will tally up the final scores on Tuesday, and the winner will have praise heaped upon him by the masses....Or not.

Always love a good VY crying scene
Kansas City vs. Oakland
Daugherty - K.C. -3.5
This is an important game for K.C. There's a big difference between having to face the Jets as opposed to the Ravens or Steelers.
Karwatt - KC -3.5
Bowe is an absolute monster.....Oh ya, and my man Jamal Charles. I wouldn't wanna go 2 KC in the playoffs, especially if Mark Sanchez was my QB.....

Miami vs. New England
Daugherty - Mia +4.5
I wonder if Belichick learned anything from Welker's knee injury last year in a meaningless game. We shall see.
Karwatt - Mia +4.5
I only say this because leave it to my Fins to win when a loss would be beneficial...Hopefully Brady plays a lot and gets what he deserves for being in when it doesn't matter.

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland
Daugherty - Pitt -6
There are a couple of games on the slate that are huge for teams even though they have clinched the playoffs. A Pittsburgh win means that they get a first round bye. A loss means they most likely play every game on the road. The Vanilla Gorilla has been hampered by a leg injury or I'd take him and the fighting McCoys.
Karwatt - Pitt -6 
Pitt needs to wrap up that first round bye Cleveland can't do much if u stop Hillis, who hasn't looked nearly as dominating as he did early.

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore
Daugherty - Cincy +9.5
Who saw Carson Palmer having the best game of the season when his two top WRs were out? Carson just wants to up his trade value so he can go play somewhere warm.
Karwatt - Cincy +9.5
If there were one team who Cincy could get up for at this point it is Baltimore....Baltimore isn't as tough as Tom Jackson and his buddies say they are.

Minnesota vs. Detroit
Daugherty - Minn +3
Minnesota is coming off a big win, and the more rest you give Peterson, the more dangerous they are. 
Karwatt - Minn+3
Leslie Frazier wants that job, and they will playing for him. Joe Webb isn't any good, but he can make some plays with his feet.

Atlanta vs. Carolina
Daugherty - Atl -14.5
As bad as they played last week, this would be the mother of all choke jobs if they were to lose to Carolina.
Karwatt - Atl -14.5 
Atlanta needs to get the offense back on track for a playoff run. Great news for them is Carolina is waiting for it like Ronnie Jones' girlfriend....

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans
Daugherty - TB +7.5
I'm setting the Over/Under for Drew Brees stupid shovel passes while being sacked  at 1.5
Karwatt - TB +7.5 
Coach Morris has been saying race to 10 wins all yr.....Here's your chance to at least make a statement about next yr since GB isn't going to lose for you to get in the "tournament" as Raheem says.

Jacksonville vs. Houston
Daugherty - Houston -3
Trent Edwards = Rusty Smith. With no MJD, and the Jags being incapable of run blocking over the past couple of weeks, it's going to come down to Edwards. Advantage Houston.
Karwatt - Jax +3 
Trent Edwards will most likely start for Jax bad news right....Wrong. Houston's secondary could make John Brantley look good.

New York Giants vs. Washington
Daugherty - Giants -4
Epic collapse. That's all the Giants can say about their season. Bye Bye Coughlin
Karwatt - Giants -4
If they don't win this one easily, Coughlin is definitely gone.

Green Bay vs. Chicago
Daugherty - Green Bay -10
Lovie says they are going to play to win, but in reality, they are going to be as careful as possible. It's only going to be a keep the rust off type of game.
Karwatt - Green Bay -10
Bears have nothing to play for....Even if they did I would take Green bay to win, and I predict Green Bay makes a deep playoff run

San Francisco vs. Arizona
Daugherty - Arizona +5.5
Maybe Singletary being gone sparks SF to become the team everyone expected them to be. I doubt it, so I'll take the points
Karwatt - SF-5.5 over Arizona 
Worst game ever!! But, with Singletary out of the way SF will be better.

Denver vs. San Diego
Daugherty - SD -3.5
Nothing makes me happier than to see San Diego finally pay the price for not playing a full season. Remember when Philip Rivers was supposed to be the MVP? That was a joke. MVP-caliber players don't play a horrendous game with their season on the line against a terrible opponent. 
Karwatt - Denver +3.5 over SD 
San Diego underachieved again this yearr. More importantly how could you bet against Jesus Timothy James Tebow.

Indianapolis vs. Tennessee
Daugherty - Indy -9.5
If Indy loses this game and the Jags make the playoffs, I will be despondent for months. Beware of the Colts. They have finally found a running game and have begun to stop the run. Could get interesting.
Karwatt - Indy -9.5

St. Louis vs. Seattle
Daugherty - STL -3
Charlie Whitehurst
Karwatt - STL-3 

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  1. Raheem is such a donkey but we got our 10! Turquoise convering... c'mon boys, you should have known better. Brom don't you have some dead birds or NCAA violations to write about?