Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Links and Tentacles

It's been a pretty good week for this blog. Another one of our Brady articles struck a cord with NFL fans, and led to a wave of both hate mail and compliments. Nothing better than Brian Kenny giving us a shout out on his radio show. We're honored.

One of the best movie scenes of the year. The scene I'm talking about is the first 15 seconds or so. After that, the language gets bad so be warned.

Interesting baseball story that involves an octopus and a career-altering injury. 

The highlight of an epic Twitter night from Keith Law.

Coaches are learning and becoming more aggressive (Just not Jim Caldwell).

Another good article on Brady.

The John Calipari foul language clip from the Kentucky's loss to Alabama is the biggest overblown controversy of the year so far. The only people offended or surprised by his language are either media members on their high horse or people who never played sports at a high level. I can guarantee that I've heard worse close to one hundred times over the span of my high school and college baseball career. It's the same for 99% of athletes who make it that far. If you can't handle being blown up for making mistakes, you should probably get a hobby that rewards the mentally weak.

No surprise, the Colts finish at the top of the league when it comes to games lost to injuries.

Bart Scott is the man.

A little golf tip from the man himself, Paul Azinger.

Brian Kenny's Top 25 QBs.

The Tennessee Drug Cartel intimidates another set of referees. Worst no-call ever.

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